At last!

At last my third children’s book, “Good Luck, Carrie” is finished and published on Amazon! It’s an amazing feeling – I just hope that children will enjoy reading it. Again, it’s free on Amazon KindleUnlimited – as are my other children’s novels, “Carrie in the Land of Not-Oz” and “Carrie in Cornwall”.

Carrie is of course, the main character – she is almost twelve, autistic and about to start High School – she encounters difficulties and changes in her life, but tries to overcome them with bravery and optimism.

I hope the book is uplifting and inspiring for children and their carers, with or without autism, and I hope it gives insight into some of the problems autistic people face on a daily basis.

Painting for cover of "Good Luck, Carrie"
Cover painting of “Good Luck, Carrie”

Summer Days

The days are long and my third children’s novel is almost finished – bar the editing. Mornings begin early in the quiet time before the rest of the world awakes – that is my time to write. I hope this is a good book – I hope children enjoy it, and the parents that may read it to their children too – I just do my best and hope for the best, that is all.

In between, I paint – my haven and peace. I hope you have a good Summer too – these days disappear so quickly and there is so much that is beautiful around us. It is a beautiful world – we need to cherish it.

Halfway through Winter


The first snow drops are appearing in the garden, daffodils are forming their buds, and crocuses are soon to arrive – Spring is on its way!  Winter can be a bleak or a beautiful time – I try to focus on the beauty – it helps me through the long dark days, which can seem to last forever – oh, and a SAD lamp helps too!

Writing is coming slowly this winter, but I keep plodding on – I want to tell this story so much, so I just keep on trying.  It will be written but I cannot rush – it will be done in its own time.

I wish all of you writing your books and your blogs too, much success in your efforts – I hope the Winter is kind to you wherever you are – take care, and keep on going!



Winter is coming

DSCF7524 (3)

Winter is almost here –  short days, cold nights, maybe frost and snow.  Time to wrap up warm and brave the elements to make the most of the daylight and sunshine, then cosy up at home to indulge in favourite hobbies and spend time with loved ones.

I enjoy the early mornings, while it’s still dark and quiet – time to get on with writing my new book – I need the peace and quiet of solitude and time alone to think, plan and write.

Later in the day I love to walk in the countryside and catch up with nature – I love how birds can be seen more easily amongst the bare branches now – and I love how the sun catches the beautiful colours of remaining glowing leaves.

Painting and making are two of my most pleasurable occupations at this time of year – combined with listening to music, the dark evenings slip away happily, and I am content.

Finally, reading is a joy – I am a regular visitor to my library and love to find new authors and unread books – my world expands with their words.  I am grateful for all these rich gifts in my life.

Enjoy the winter – a time of reflecting and recharging, getting ready for the New Year and Spring.

DSCF2335 (2)

Almost Autumn

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Summer seems to have flown by, and autumn is almost here again – our garden has given us such joy this year – we are constantly learning new things.  We have never had so many bees and butterflies before – now the birds are appearing daily at the feeders and I feel that autumn can’t be far away, but each season brings new joys and surprises.  I wish you all a happy new season too!

Carrie In Cornwall

carrie2 title expt11Just published my new children’s book on Amazon and Amazon Kindle this weekend.  It was hard work but I loved writing and illustrating it – the main character, Carrie, is autistic – in this story, she makes new friends, has fun, adventures and helps to solve a mystery while on holiday in Cornwall.  The book is free on Kindle Unlimited and I hope that many children,  autistic or otherwise, will enjoy this new story about Carrie.