My paintings and other artworks

I love to sketch in watercolour wherever we go –  these paintings are of a lake near Dawlish Warren, Devon; Willy Lott’s Cottage in Flatford, Suffolk; Framlingham Castle, Suffolk and Trengwainton gardens, Cornwall.

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I will share some of my paintings with you on this page

DSCF3237 (2)

Wolf and the Moon – a painting I made for the daughter of David Milligan Croft, some time ago.  (David is the writer of There is no Cavalry blog on WordPress).

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Three wintry watercolours

DSCF2459 (3)

White cat with rose

Black and white cat
Black and white cat


Autumn Cats
I love cats



I love to paint butterflies too, this is of a Peacock butterfly, haven’t seen many of these this year.


But I have seen quite a few of these Comma butterflies

DSCF0388 (2)

and LOTS of Red Admirals this year!

DSCF2170 (3)

Autumn colours


2 thoughts on “My paintings and other artworks

  1. Your art is amazing Susie, I especially love the butterflies and the cats. Do you have any for sale? Originals might be too expensive for me, but maybe you have prints?

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