My Books

My third book “Good Luck, Carrie” is finished and available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle – again, free on KindleUnlimited. Carrie is almost twelve and about to start High School – this story shows how Carrie overcomes many difficulties and changes with bravery and optimism – many people wish Carrie good luck, but she realises that sometimes in life, you have to make your own luck. The story is uplifting and optimistic and is aimed at readers of 8 and above, with or without autism.

Painting for cover of “Good Luck, Carrie” by Susie Parry 2019


Carrie in Cornwall

This is the second book about Carrie, who is autistic.  In this story, she goes on holiday to Cornwall and makes some new friends, has adventures and helps someone in need.  The book is aimed at children from 8 – 12 years,  with or without ASD – I hope they will find it uplifting, entertaining and informative too.

I wrote these stories about Carrie, to help raise awareness and understanding, and to give children with ASD, a story about a character they may be able to relate to in some way.  I hope children will enjoy it.  It is available as an ebook and a paperback from Amazon and  free on KindleUnlimited.

carrie2 title expt10



Carrie in the Land of Not-Oz

This is the first story of Carrie – an 11 year old girl who has Asperger’s (Autism).  She struggles to make friends at school, although this is her dearest wish.  The story shows how Carrie tries to find ways to change her life, form friendships and to make her Mum proud of her.

The story is not a self-help book, but an illustrated chapter book for middle grade children with or without ASD.  The problems faced by Carrie and others with ASD are treated in a sympathetic and engaging way, and adventures feature throughout the story.

I hope that all children will enjoy this book, and their parents or carers too, if they read this story to their children.  I hope that it will help children too, that is MY dearest wish for my book.


Carrie in the Land of Not-Oz by Susie Parry 2017

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