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It was beautifully sunny but cold a week ago – now The Beast from the East has been with us for a few days, and those sunny days seem far away again.  But Spring WILL be here before too long, thankfully.

In the meantime, I have been hard at work on my new children’s book, the main character, once again, is Carrie, who has ASD (Asperger’s).  In this new story, she is on holiday and has adventures with new friends.  I have been busy editing and am in the middle of drawing some illustrations too.

The snow has kept me inside, but enabled me to work hard on my new book, and for that I am glad – but still, I will be VERY happy when Spring is really here..

February – a cold month


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The days are getting lighter day by day – sleet, hail, rain or snow is with us most of the time this month, so bright sunny days are precious.  Primulas are peeping in the garden and daffodils have buds appearing – Spring is not far away – the best time of the year now, I think, when everything is renewed and revealed once more.

I find the early mornings when it’s dark and silent are a great time to write – my new book about Carrie is going well  – I think I will be finishing soon, then will start the long job of editing – then the fun part – the illustrations!

The long dark winter days are not so bad for writers – there is less distraction from sunny windows and birds calling us out to play!

Tomorrow is Valentines Day – wishing everyone a happy day and love.

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National Robin Day and the Shortest Day


It’s National Robin Day today, and also the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice – two cheerful events on a cold, dark, grey day.

The robin has been our country’s national bird for 60 years now – one of my favourite birds, so pretty and uplifting to see one on a cold, grey day, especially when they open up their beaks and sing  their tiny hearts out – wonderful!

And now it is the shortest day, so that the days from now on will just get longer and brighter, and we know that Spring is on the way at last – fantastic!

This time of year

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At this time of year, people find themselves so busy, making, doing, buying, visiting – sometimes it helps to slow down, take a breath, and think – I don’t HAVE to do this, I’m doing this because I CHOOSE to – from that moment, we can feel less like a hamster scurrying endlessly in its wheel, and more in control of the situation.

Take time to slow down, consider, prioritise and take time for yourself – because then you will feel happier and notice the little things again, the things that give you joy – someone taking your hand and holding it, feeling that warmth and closeness – notice details about your loved ones, try hard to understand what they are feeling too – you only have this life for a short time, your time with loved ones is moment by moment and these moments can slip away, unappreciated if we let them.

I say this because I know, as people do, when they have lost loved ones.  In the hurry and bustle of shopping, cooking, preparation – SLOW DOWN – take a breather – do it as a favour to yourself, and your family.  Christmas comes but once a year – but your loved ones are more than Christmas preparations – they give meaning, love and hope to our lives.  And YOU, yourself, are more than the tasks you perform daily – you are important in yourself, and deserve to have a peaceful happy Christmas, and to share that with all those you love.

New story about Carrie

Photo6555_001Now that my first book about Carrie is finally published on Amazon, I feel a great weight is lifted from me – I feel able to concentrate fully on my new story about Carrie – a sequel to her adventures, and set on holiday in Cornwall – a place I know well, and love.

It is a pleasure to wake up early on these cold, dark mornings, creep downstairs in my dressing gown, and write in the quiet time, before anyone else is awake – that is the best time to write, for me.


DSC02440 (2)A happy day for Harry and Meghan – congratulations to them both on their engagement and wishing them a happy future together – I think many people will be gladdened at the good news, especially when news most days can be sombre or worse – I am happy for them, and hope they both continue their good work too – it is heartening to see kindness and thought for others and I applaud them for it.

Cold weather


Cold frosty weather is with us now – I love the cold bright days, when all the colours are pin-sharp – I love to see birds perched on skeleton branches as the leaves dwindle day by day.

This is a photo of my favourite Egyptian Goose, who runs to see me when I take him some food at the nearby country park – he thinks he’s a swan and swims around with his swan friends – he is very comical and makes a loud honking sound and a funny chuckling sound too.  He is not very large but has a big personality!

Busy, busy


It rained and it rained and it rained – so I got busy!  I had several days of writing, editing, painting and making – all fun, but I missed seeing the sun!  Today was so beautiful, we gave ourselves a break and just took off for a walk – I’m so glad we did – the beautiful colours of the trees in the sunshine filled my heart and made me feel so glad to be alive!

I hope you had a great day too in the sunshine – and if not, I hope the sun will shine on you soon  too, physically and metaphorically – I wish you all a wonderful weekend!



We had a drive to a most beautiful part of the UK today – North Wales – to visit an elderly relative in hospital.  It was lovely to see her, although sad that she is poorly – I am hoping that she soon is well enough to return home where she is most happy.